Why The Enneagram?

The enneagram is a tool for understanding who we are and how we operate in the world. It can help us come to deeper realizations that seem simple, but can actually be quite profound:

  1. Each of us is unique, and yet, we are not alone.
  2. Others operate from a perspective quite different from our own.
  3. We each have great gifts we can bring to one another.
  4. Our gifts have a shadow side that can hurt ourselves and others if we are not aware of it.

As we come to a greater understanding of our similarities and our differences, we can find greater efficacy and harmony with one another. As we befriend our own strengths and weaknesses, we can find greater peace and passion within ourselves. 

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What Is The Enneagram?

The enneagram outlines nine primary personality types (ennea means 9) and their interrelationships with one another. It is a system with nuance and complexity. It describes how we are influenced by one of the two adjacent styles (wings), how we move ourselves towards other styles in stress and in rest, how we default to one of three decision-making centers (heart-head-gut), and how we can recognize our movements towards healthy and unhealthy states.

What Services Do You Offer?

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I want to partner with you on your journey of discovery. As a former pastor, experienced team leader, and graduate of the Enneagram Spectrum Training and Certification Program, I can come alongside you or your team in several ways.

Individual Coaching - $150 per session, up to 2 hours

  • Option 1: Determine Your Enneagram Type
    I assist you determining your enneagram type through a thorough online assessment combined with interactive questions and exercises I chose based on what I see in those results. As we walk through your type, I will help you gain an in-depth understanding of your strengths, blind spots, stress responses, motivations, and vulnerabilities. I can coach you through how this affects the area(s) of most interest to you, including your work, behavior, spiritual growth, and relationships. 
  • Option 2: Determine Your Enneagram Subtype 
    If you already know your type, working through your instinctual subtype adds one more layer. Together we will discover whether you more driven by your self-preservation, intimate, or social instinct, and how that affects your motivation, decision-making, and desires.

  • Option 3: An Enneagram Q&A. 
    This is a chance to dig into things especially unique to you. Where do you feel stuck? What is bothering you? How does the unique way you hold all the numbers affect the way you in particular hold your type? 

  • Coaching sessions can be done in person or over Skype at a time that is convenient for you.

  • Combine all 3 individual coaching options into an enneagram coaching package for $360, a 20% discount.

Couples Coaching - $300 per session, up to 3 hours
If you don't know your type, I assist you and your loved one determine your types through the methods listed above. If you do know your type, or when we are done determining it, together, we focus on how your similarities and your differences affect the way you approach decision-making, stress, intimacy, and free time. Reflecting on your own and each other's enneagram personality style can help you reduce conflict and come to a place of greater understanding of one another. Coaching sessions can be done in person or over Skype at a time that is convenient for you.

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Team Coaching - Contact for pricing
I can assist your team members in understanding of how each of their personality styles changes how they approach and interact in a team setting. With a particular focus on the three-decision making centers of the enneagram (head-heart-gut), I will help your team see how you each approach problem-solving, how to learn from one another's perspectives, and how to improve your collaborative working relationships.

Seminars, Workshops, and Retreats - Contact for pricing
The enneagram is a great tool for larger groups, including businesses, non-profits, and churches. Options for trainings and gatherings include:
* How to use the enneagram as a tool for self-discovery that leave participants with tangible ways to continue in their learning and skill development. 
* How to use the enneagram to better work with and understand clients.
* Interactive community-building, including panel discussions, reflection activities, and group games, helping groups understand themselves and one another more deeply.
* Spiritual growth exercises from a Christian perspective, potentially combining with Socratic Scripture Study, examining how seeing both our uniqueness and our unity can help us see God more clearly.

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