A Common Color

love and angerPerhaps it's not a coincidence that love and anger are represented by the same color.  



Red is the color that shines when Light gets under our skin.


When we let ourselves feel the effects of a God who would love us enough to die, it changes how we interact with the world. Jesus is filled with a fierce fiery red love for each and every person on this earth. He is also filled with a hot-burning red passion to break the evil and injustices that would hold those Beloveds back from being who they were made to be.


When we are filled with Christ, we are filled with His light, and His red-hot feelings towards the world are meant to shine out from within us.


I too often let my feelings shine white. With a light I am holding in my hands, not one that I have let get under my skin, and shine out through the blood that is pulsing in my veins. I care too little about injustices because I love too little the people that are being oppressed.


I need to let the Light get under my skin.


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