a new series starts tomorrow

I must be crazy. This December, in the midst of decorating, baking cookies, getting gifts, and living through the busyness of everyday life, I have decided to do an Advent series on this blog.

Or maybe I’m not so crazy. Maybe this will force me to look more deeply at why the Christmas holiday is important. Maybe this will force me to slow down and reflect.

From December 1 through December 26, I will post a daily Advent reflection with the theme of PREPARE. Not prepare in the hyper-consumeristic Black Friday kind of way or the perfectly-decorated Martha Stewart kind of kind of way, but in the let’s not forget to take care of our hearts kind of way.

I invite you to read and take this journey with me. While we prepare in other ways, let's also slow down and look at how the Bible gets us ready to celebrate the birth of our Messiah.