A Personalized Gift for You!

This is not my typical post. And I am super excited about it. Several times in recent months, I have gotten in conversations about the power of Scripture personalization. Personalizing Bible verses helped me when I was trying to understand how God felt about me. Not generally, as a human being, but specifically, as me.

The idea is to put verses into the first person- with God as the "I" and ourselves as the "you." Then, take it one step further and insert our names.

Before I go on, I want to make clear that I do not believe is not a good way to read the Bible as a whole. The Bible is steeped in culture and history. When studying each book of the Bible, it is important to examine what type of literature it is, and the context in which it was written, in which it was written in order to understand how it can best be applied today.

But, I also think there are verses that we can personalize and not destroy their context.

I genuinely believe God can speak through the passages of His Word, reach out, and touch our hearts. I think God wants us to know that the Bible that He put together for all of humanity to read, He also put together for you and me.

I have put some of my favorite verses to personalize into a piece of 8 by 10 wall art. And I would like to offer it to you as a gift. Personalized with your name, or the name of someone you know, for free.

It is available in four possible color schemes: blue, purple, gray, or green. Here is what it looks like in each color, using my name as a sample. (Click on the image to see it in higher resolution. You would receive just one of the quadrants as your image.)

The words around the edge to the right summarize what the verses to the left say. These, I think, are some of the big truths God wants us to know about what we have in Him.

So, would you like one?

All you have to do is comment below. Or, if you prefer, you can also email me.

In your reply or comment, just let me know: 1. What name you want me to use. (It could be for you or a friend). 2. What color scheme you want (blue, purple, gray, or green). 3. Whether you would like it in .jpg or .pdf form.

I will then send the digital copy of the 8 by 10 to the email address you provide for the comment. (Email addresses will not be abused and used for other things. Promise! And, they're not publicized. Only I see them.)

I would recommend printing it onto cardstock or developing into a photo.

Hope you enjoy it!

I am indebted to my friend Melissa at Ink in Pink for her help in the design of this piece!

Update: I realized the script font  might not be everyone's style. Here is another option with block font, using the example name of Bradley. If you would prefer this style, just add the request "block font" with the other details.

It is also available in any of the color options listed above.