A Prayer for Our Leaders

Psalm 72  

We long for Your help, Lord.

The people of this earth are crying out.


Supply our leaders with Your justice.

Establish in them Your goodness.

Provide them with Your wisdom.


There are so many suffering



Defend them! Save them!

Bring these weeping children into Your arms!


Use Your might to bring down the oppressors.

Topple the systems that crush Your beloveds.


Bring into power

Those who will lead

With the refreshing spirit

Of the rain.





May the leaders of this earth

Begin to honor those

Who honor Your people.


Open their ears

To the sobs of the suffering.

Fill them with compassion.

Motivate them to rescue.


Fill this earth

With Your deeds.

Fill this earth

With redeemed peoples.

Fill this earth

With Your love.

Fill this earth

With Your glory.



Solomon prayed Psalm 72 as a request for God's blessing and wisdom on His own leadership. At this point in history, I felt compelled to use his words as a launching point for a prayer for all the leaders of this earth.

Reading the news about the goings on of this world can be overwhelming. It's difficult to know what to do, or what the answer is. Prayer is one place we can turn with confidence.



That was my reflection on Psalm 72. Link up with your own post below, anytime in the next week. Remember, it's not about right answers, it's just about engaging with the text. Please take a moment to read some other posts as well. And then join next week for posts on Psalm 73.