A writer or not a writer?

Am I a writerAm I a writer?  

I have a tentative relationship with that question. I do write, I like to write, and I’ve committed to writing on this blog a few times a week. So, in a sense, the answer is yes.


But is this what I was destined to do? Has it been my dream since childhood? Do I have journals filled with secret longings of literary achievements? No.


Which means many times, I don’t know where I fit.


On my best days, I compare myself with other writers, and find inspiration. I see what is possible when words are knit together and I marvel. It does something deep within me to take in the tapestry of words and phrases woven together into something amazing. It makes me want to improve my own skills.


On my worst days, I compare myself with other writers, and find emptiness. I watch what others can do and see all the ways I fall short, and wonder if I should give this whole thing up.


I want to write. I try to write. I hope to write. I like to write.


So maybe I don’t have to answer the question. Maybe I just have to act on it.


Five Minute FridayThis post is linking up with Lisa Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday. A weekly prompt with strict instructions: write for 5 minutes and post. No over-editing. No do-overs. An practice of freedom. A way to let go of perfectionism. An exercise for some not often used writing muscles. Read more posts or link up over there. Today’s prompt was: WRITE.