Being HERE is not the same as being HAPPY

  april snowstormNo one likes a spring snow storm.


Even the most seasoned Minnesotans among us are upset about this week’s weather. Bundling kids in snowpants and boots and mittens to head to the bus stop on APRIL 10 is wrong. Just wrong. We are supposed to be wrapping ourselves in the smells of spring flowers not scarves and coats that have still not been put in storage.


This is what it means to live HERE.


Here is a place with summers full of amazing beauty and fun. But here is also a place with winters that sometimes linger beyond what we can bear.


Being here, living here, means accepting all of it.


We spend so much time trying to be happy. But being here is different than being happy.


Here is a mixed bag of joy and frustration. Here is family we’ve known forever and friendships just beginning. Here is seasons of transition and seasons of peace. Here is all of it.


Here is contentment.


Even when the weather makes me want to pack up and move, I won’t. Because here is worth it.


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