Changing How We View the Present

  There was a wonderful moment earlier today. I was dressed and ready, cup of coffee in hand, sitting in the living room. The kids weren’t up yet. My view was of a calm and clean room, with the bright greens of spring looking in on me through the window.


The possibilities of a peaceful morning stretched before me.


But before I could act on them, the kids woke up.


And my view changed to chaos.


Instead of a clean room, there was a pile of toys. Instead of quiet space to write and reflect, there was whining and neediness everywhere.


view of past, present, & futureThis is one of life’s great temptations: to view the past as full of good memories, the future as full of possibilities, and the present as full of inconvenience.


We have to consciously change our view. And see the present with the eyes with which we might view it from the future.


To focus on the hand-holding more than the hair-pulling. To notice the smiles more than the cries. To play and laugh and wrestle and tickle, and view those things as the joy they are while the days are upon us.


As Andy Bernard said at the conclusion of The Office, “I wish there was a way to know you're in the good old days before you've actually left them.”


So in the midst of the stresses, I want to change my view and see more. I want to see that the good days that are upon me.

Five Minute FridayThis post is linking up with Lisa Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday. A weekly prompt with strict instructions: write for 5 minutes and post. No over-editing. No do-overs. An practice of freedom. A way to let go of perfectionism. An exercise for some not often used writing muscles. Read more posts or link up over there. Today’s prompt was: VIEW. (Full disclosure: I write the post in 5 minutes, but I take a little extra time to create a graphic to go with it. I think that's still okay according to the rules...)