Comfort Comes Through Crockpots

crockpot comfortThe road to comfort is often paved with difficulty.  

We often forget that part. But the word itself even implies it. If something is comforting, it’s because something happened to us, and we needed to be comforted. Comfort is a word spelled with the letters of longing and need.


Comfort does not come easy.


Even the meals that are our comfort foods are often the ones that cook and simmer all day long before their flavors reach our mouths.


The relationships we are most comfortable with? They usually have gone through many uncomfortable and frustrating moments to get to that place. We worked through them, and built trust, and now we feel, on a different level than before, that we are known.


Because in the end what comforts us most is the feeling we are cared about. And care does not come through quick fixes and easy answers. Comfort comes slowly, through crockpots more than microwave ovens.


Most of all, comfort is found in our patient God, who is slow to anger, quick to love. Who sits with us in our discomfort and comforts us with His presence to us through all the days of our lives.


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