Does anyone like advice?

The need for us to have advisers is a message scattered throughout the book of Proverbs.  

One such verse is Proverbs 15:22,

Plans fail for lack of counsel,     but with many advisers they succeed.

seek adviceIt's something we intuitively know to be true: we are more likely to make wise decisions if we seek counsel. Our lives are better off with advisers in them.


So, if we know it to be true, the question is, why don't we live it to be true?


I think the problem is not usually lack of qualified candidates to counsel us. The problem is usually that we don't want advice.


Because really, who really likes to receive advice?


This past Sunday, I spoke about being the kind of people who welcome and seek advice with our lives. In my opinion, it requires us to be vulnerable, be humble, be pursuers, and be learners.


Take a listen if you are interested. Follow this link, and click on the message titled "advisers."


What do you think? How do you handle advice?