Engaging with Scripture in the midst of life

Psalm 68Some days, the Bible is thick with inspiration.  

We sit down with the Scriptures, and something magic happens. Maybe it’s because we are fully present in a way not always common. Maybe it is just chance. But whatever the case may be, we are overcome by what we read. It fills us and fuels us and makes us feel the Bible must really be something magical.


Other days, the Bible is dry.


We try, try, try to find something in it that connects with our hearts, but we just can’t. The words feel like they are from another world. For another time. Not for us, not for our lives. They are dry. Boring. Irrelevant.


And still other days, there just isn’t time.


We can squeeze in reading its words, but not much more than that. We sit down to write a blog post about a Psalm in between going to a conference and going to a retreat and being in the middle of so much life, and there just isn't much to say. It’s not that there’s anything wrong about that particular Psalm, it’s just that we can’t pull off a reflection.


Today is one of those days.


That’s life.


And that’s okay.


We are human. We need to have realistic expectations of ourselves, of God, and of the Bible. Ups and downs are normal. Differing levels of engagement are normal.


We don’t have to beat ourselves up when lightning doesn’t strike. We can celebrate that we showed up. And we can just count it as an ordinary day with God. Which makes it not very ordinary at all.


So today, I look forward to hearing your reflections on Psalm 68. And I’ll just leave you with the verse that struck me the most.


Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior,     who daily bears our burdens.

- Psalm 68:19