Father Forgive Them, They Do Not Know

Last year, I wrote a series of three poems used for reflection during my church's Good Friday service. I decided to repost them this year, one Wednesday, one Thursday, and one Friday, in the hope they may help us remember the great sacrifice that happened before the joy of Easter.

May these words remind us of the depth of Christ's love for us.

How did they not know what they were doing?
It seems like they should have known.

Those people
Who lied and schemed.
Who struck and ridiculed.
Who yelled and stared.

Maybe some understood the gravity of their choices.
Maybe others preferred the ease of going along with the crowd.

While the True King was dying for His Kingdom,
They held ever tighter 
to the kingdoms of their own making.

To all those who were there,
To the conscious participators
And subconscious enablers,
 Jesus cried,
"Father, forgive them, they do not know what they are doing"  

Shame on them.

But what about us?

What about our secrets?
Those thoughts and actions we conceal.
Those sins we think are only hurting ourselves.

Do we know the real damage done?
Do we know how our hidden agendas
Contribute to the suffering of Christ?

Do we know what we are doing?
When we can’t seem to satisfy our hungers
When we let our never-ending need 
for just a little bit more
Control the way we live.

Do we know what we are doing?
When we climb our way up the mountain of validation.
When we let our desires turn to striving turn to competition 
And step on the backs of others to get where we want to go.

Do we know what we are doing?
When we lust and envy and hate. 
When we let our conscience embrace the lie
That people are objects to be manipulated
Instead of souls to be loved.

Our sins are a cancer
That has overwhelmed us.
But the consequence,
The death, 
Is taken by Christ.

With our spoken words and hidden thoughts
With what we do and what we fail to do.
We hold the hammer
And drive the nails deeper into His flesh.

He cries for us now 
What He cried for others then.
This is why He came.
This is why He died.
"Father, forgive them, they do not know what they are doing."