Giving Up... A Series for Lent

I have often given up something for Lent. Usually sweets.  

For me, often hidden behind the deep spiritual meaning of fasting was the desire to Just. Loose. Some. Weight. Please.


For many of us, that’s the case when it comes to this season of fasting and giving up. We want to do something that helps us sacrifice and center. And that desire comes from a good place of wanting to connect with Jesus more deeply. But mixed in with that healthy desire is all the rest of our baggage and ill-conceived desires that get in the way.


At least that’s what happens to me.


And so, I was thinking… what if for Lent, I tried to give up those things? What if I worked on giving up those under-the-surface desires and fears and burdens that are really behind me not committing more wholly to Jesus?


Giving up on caring how much I am liked, or giving up on holding it all together (or at least looking like I am), or giving up on being comfortable.


Is it possible to do something to give up those things for Lent?


These things are deep-seated fears and desires that can’t be unwedged from my hidden corners with any one simple action. Would it really help to try?


A simple action may not solve anything. But maybe writing could be a start.


And so, I’d like to introduce my new series, “Giving Up… A Series for Lent.”


This will not be much like the other Lenten series I have done. In keeping with my desire to learn to BE in 2014, this series is going to be a little more raw. A public confession of sorts. Maybe even with the accountability of an action to go along with it. And perhaps even with the vulnerability to receive suggestions in the comments.


Once a week, starting after Ash Wednesday, I will swallow hard and admit something I need to give up. Not in order to understand more about the unimaginable sacrifice of Jesus (because really, can we do that anyway?), but to understand more of His unconditional love.


Would you join with me on this (frightening) journey?


(P.S. Anyone interested in making this a link-up? I would love to hear what you want to give up too!)

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