learning how to make friends

  Friendships have always been difficult for me.


I think it’s because I put too much pressure on them to be something. To meet some sort of expectation of what friendship is supposed to look like. Before I even meet with someone the first time, I hope she will become my BFF. Then, if there is any moment of awkwardness, I become dejected, and am tempted to throw the blossoming relationship out the window.


I set friendships up for failure before they even begin.


friendships are flowersIn the past few years I have begun to experience friendships for what they are, as they go along. I am valuing the layers, the back and forth of different roles we play in each other’s lives at different times.


We don’t have to figure out what a friendship will become in order to enjoy it for what it is.


So, I am learning to pursue relationships with people, without an end goal in mind. Just during goals. To love. To see. To value. To share experiences. To do life together.


Friendships are flowers, blooming in different seasons. Their varying hues and fullness do not subtract from their beauty. The diversity is what makes them magnificent.


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