I am standing with my friend today

I wish every Christian had an LGBT friend. Not necessarily because it would change beliefs (though sometimes, perhaps, it would), but because it would change the tone and posture of a conversation that is not just about issues, but about people.  

RR headerToday I am guest posting for one of my friends. He writes anonymously as Registered Runaway (If you have followed links on my Psalms Journey series, you may recognize RR). He is gay. His identity is also much more than that label. He is a gifted writer with a bright future ahead of him. He has maintained a heart to follow God, even in the midst of a confusing and frustrating journey. He has a warm smile that gives away his even warmer heart. In short, he is a great guy.


So, when he asked if I would write something for his love letter series, I said yes to my friend. It's a little outside the norm from what I usually write, but it's a message I wanted to share. It's a message about standing with, instead of standing between. Here's how it begins:


I almost didn’t write this letter. Writing an open love letter to the LGBT community is outside my comfort zone.


I usually shy away from controversial topics when I write. I leave them to the people I deem better equipped than myself to handle criticism. I thought about the contentious nature of these discussions, about how a letter like this could blow up in my face or get people angry with me, and I wondered if it would be worth it.


And then, I thought again. Love should not be controversial.


Read the rest of my post I Will Stand Beside You on Registered Runaway's site today.