I remember You were with me

Five Minute Friday Last week, I made my first jump into the pool of Five Minute Friday. And swimming in its waters of freedom worked some writing muscles that had begun to atrophy.  

I tend to be performance-oriented. I worry too much about what people (including anyone reading my words) will think of me. I want to inspire, I don’t want to offend, I want to be sensitive, I don’t want to oversimplify, I want to write like those I admire most, I don’t want you to know how afraid I am that what I post in this space just isn’t any good.


The idea of writing for five minutes and posting whatever comes of that time is frightening, and that’s exactly why I need it. There’s no time for editing or polishing or making sure that things were said “just-so.” It’s writing bare, and that is medicine for my writer’s soul.


I hope it is good for your soul, too. Whether you write or not, may something inspire you to peel away a layer of perfectionism somewhere in your life.


This week’s prompt: REMEMBER


When I struggle to know which path to take, I forget.


I forget about how You have been present with me through it all. How I am on this path to begin with because You led me here. You brought me to a place that would blow the mind of the me of 20 years ago.


That girl who was depressed from all the turmoil in her home life, combined with the waves of drama that are part of being an adolescent girl. The girl who, without anyone telling her how to read the Bible, opened it up every night and read a Psalm, somehow feeling the comfort of its words.


I remember how You were with me.


I remember how even as I took paths leading me wrong, You held my hand over the rough terrain, so I could find my way to a better way.


I remember Your grace. I remember the way my life could have been, if not for Your presence with me in so many times and places.


And so as I face difficult decisions now, I face them with gratitude that I have the opportunity to be here at all. On a path where I am making decisions about how to move forward, instead of how to escape from the mangled tree roots tying my feet to the ground.


I remember that no matter which path I take, I am walking forward. And that, my Lord, is because of Your grace and love and presence in my life.