Learning Life Rhythms

There is a certain level of instinct that exists about how to handle ourselves in the water.  

But most of us need more than instinct: we need lessons.


We need someone to hold our shoulders, and tilt our heads back, and tell us to point our belly buttons in the air so we can float.


Our techniques need to improve beyond our instincts if we want to swim well. We need to learn the rhythm.


Stroke… breathe… kick. With time and help, we learn to glide through the water, and do more than just flail ourselves to survival.


This is true about more than just swimming, isn’t it?


rhythms for lifeWe need to learn the rhythms that help us glide through the waters of life.


It takes time and help and patience to learn how to bring the pieces together: our thoughts, our calendars, our faith, our emotions, our friends, our family.


Without intention, we end up flailing in the water, hanging on for life, but not gliding, not enjoying, not making it to the other side with air still in our lungs.


We find our rhythms by patience and practice. It takes time. We make mistakes. We learn new things.


And along the way, we receive the help of others willing to hold our shoulders, and remind us to keep facing up.


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