Life after Easter

He is risen Not so many days ago We heard the phrase repeated Again and again. “He is risen.”

What does that mean now When the Easter holiday has passed And regular life has begun again?

Is it a phrase that means something on other days? Or is it only for the one time a year When we speak it with conscious awareness Of the celebration?

After Easter, Is Christ now back in the grave? Like a religious jack-in-the-box Waiting for us to turn the crank And set Him free To the tune of “Christ the Lord is Risen Today”?

That’s how we treat Him sometimes.

I don’t think we know what to do with the resurrection.

It sounds all happy and victorious For a day. But go much longer And it can start to sound a little too Supernatural.

“He is risen.”

It is much safer to confine that phrase, Those words, That reminder, To one day Than to keep its thought At the forefront of our minds And force us to wrestle with its weight.

It is a statement that asks a question. If Jesus is risen, then what will we do? And what will Jesus do in response?

If we hide, Cowering in the upper room Of our own fears, Jesus breathes on us And tells us to Receive His Spirit.

If we walk away, Traveling far from what it calls us to, Jesus strolls beside us And quietly explains The Scriptures concerning Him.

If we go back to our old jobs, To the boat that feels constant under our feet, Jesus calls us out, Makes us breakfast, And pushes us To live out our love.

He is risen And He is relentless.

Jesus is calling us to live As a risen people. A people who Find the hiding. Walk with the hurting. Seek after the truth. Deliver grace. Cook breakfast. Live boldly. Love.

He is risen.