Light and Presence

light through treeslight through leavesThe Light of the World doesn't look and feel the same every day.  

Some days, His brightness is overwhelming. His light seems to make all obstacles disappear in front of our eyes.


Other days, He flickers behind leaves, the subtlety of His beams creating its own beautiful dance of light.


photo 1(1)light behind cloudsSome days, He is easy to see but difficult to feel. Though He shines bright, the air still whips cold and harsh across our skin.


Other days, the air is thick with His warmth, but His light seems to be hidden behind the clouds.


Yet, no matter what we see or feel, one thing remains the same. He is always there. Present. Not just present, ever-present.

He is present above and before and beside us everyday, sustaining and upholding everything.

 presence of the light

No matter what I see or feel, I know that I know that I know the Light of the World is present with me and for me every step of the way.

And that makes all the difference.


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