Listening like a Leaf

  I cannot expect to feel the wind if I never get outside.


So why do I expect I can hear the Spirit if I never give myself space to listen?


We fill our days with so many things. Good things. Important things. We read. We watch. We play. We build. We cook. We talk.


How often do we bring ourselves into silent spaces?


I get frustrated because I want to feel God’s presence and hear His voice more tangibly in my life. But I wonder how much of that is on me.


When I give Him only a moment, how can I expect more than a whisper?


Listening to the Holy Spirit means being shaken like a leaf in the wind.

shaken by the Spirit

To let that happen, I need to go where the Spirit is. To find where it is silent so I can hear Him. To find where He is moving so I can feel Him.


I seek entertainment more than I seek meaning. I seek satisfaction more than I seek calling.


Holy Spirit, I want to go where you are. I want to make space for you to come where I am.  I want to listen and I want to move. I want my life to be about more than the next little thing.


I want it to be about what matters: You and how You are transforming the world.


The wind is blowing. I want to feel. I want to listen. I want to be moved.


Five Minute FridayThis post is linking up with Lisa Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday. A weekly prompt with strict instructions: write for 5 minutes and post. No over-editing. No do-overs. An practice of freedom. A way to let go of perfectionism. An exercise for some not often used writing muscles. Read more posts or link up over there. Today’s prompt was: LISTEN. (Full disclosure: I write the post in 5 minutes, but I take a little extra time to create a graphic to go with it. I think that's still okay according to the rules...)