living in the in between

There is a juxtaposition within me.  

I am a beloved child of God and a broken daughter of this earth.


I am a new creation with old habits.


I am a sinner and a saint.


I am living in the in between.


The in between of when Christ came to redeem us and when He will come again to renew all things.


Until then, we wait, we hope, and we live in the tension.


We live in the tension of being comfortable with our brokenness and being compelled towards greater holiness.

brokenness and holiness

Both are reality. We are loved, and we are pushed. We are called to give Christ our burdens, and we are called to take up our crosses.


This is life in the in between. The already and not yet of God’s kingdom.


Christ sits with us in our sorrows, shares in our humanity, and pours on us His redemption.


He asks us to do the same for one another: to neither discount the pain, nor give up the hope.


It is in the tension of both that life is lived. It is in the fullness of the in between, we find our peace in Christ.


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