Measuring yourself and finding true

“Measure twice, cut once.”  

Whenever doing a project, this is the mantra to repeat. Because unless you get things lined up, level, square, and correct, the project won’t turn out. The end result will be frustration. It’s tedious and annoying and oh so important.


It’s important to make things true.


That’s the word chosen to describe this process. Things are true when they fit. When they are lined up. When they are where they are supposed to be.




I often cut myself without measuring first. I compare, I rush, I seek accolades, without first defining who I am and what I was put on earth to do.


I am created by an artistic God. I am cared for by a loving Father. I am rescued by a beautiful Savior. I am strengthened by a powerful Spirit.


This is how I need to measure myself. Twice, three times, or more, in order to find my trueness. The way that I fit in this world.


Anything else puts me off-kilter, crookedly hanging on the walls of life.


Five Minute FridayThis post is linking up with Lisa Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday. A weekly prompt with strict instructions: write for 5 minutes and post. No over-editing. No do-overs. An practice of freedom. A way to let go of perfectionism. An exercise for some not often used writing muscles. Read more posts or link up over there. Today’s prompt was: TRUE.