My Guest Post Confessional

  Today, I make a confession.


But it's not on this site. It's through a guest post for my friend Steve Wiens. His blog is wonderful. Even the name, "Actual Pastor: living my life as is instead of as if," breathes words of grace. Awhile back, he had a post about being the parent of young kids that sent the Internet into a tizzy of shares and likes because the words were so needed. Seriously, if you haven't read it, and you are a parent, do so now.


Anyway, I open up a bit today, admitting some "as is" stuff about myself. Here's a tidbit:

human beings not human doings

I am addicted to achievement.

It started when I was a high school student. I worked hard and got straight A’s. When that happened, I felt good about myself. Really good. There was something thrilling about knowing I did my best. And getting a score from someone else that proved I was succeeding? Well, that was like a drug.

I brought the addiction with me to college, where my first major was biomedical engineering. Somewhere inside I think I figured the harder the major, the harder the job, and the better the fix I would find for my craving.

But then, as God took hold of my life, I switched from engineering to social work, and then, after some turns of events, wound up in ministry.

I thought when I switched directions, I left my addiction behind.

I didn’t.


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