On Being a Woman in Ministry

The debate about whether or not women should be in ministry rages across the church world. In the midst of it, I love what Ed Cyzewski has done. Instead of entering into lots of heady and heated arguments, he has opted to tell stories. Debates are different when we realize we are talking about real people.

I am so honored to be part of a series that has featured so many amazing women. Please don't only head there to read my post, scroll through and see some of the other stories that have been told.

Here's a preview of mine:

Words are slung carelessly about the Internet every day.

We climb over each other in effort to sound the most eloquent as we share our opinions. We long to prove why we are right, and why others are wrong. It’s as if life is an extended debate match we are somehow better people when we come out the victor.

Arguments like this rage about the question of whether women should be in ministry.

One person hurls out 1 Cor 14:34-35 as proof that women should stay silent in church, while another shoots back that Paul’s greetings to women in his letters are evidence that they were considered among the leaders. One person launches the grenade of 1 Timothy 2:11-12 instructing women to not have authority over men, while another heaves language and cultural circumstances that point to these verses as not being normative commands.

All the while, someone like me stands in the middle. Sometimes feeling hit by both sides.

I am a female pastor. This debate is not just about theology. This debate is about my life.


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