On Bossiness, Passion, and Fire

In school, I was always the one to take control during group projects.  

I am still a leader, but I have changed. Lately, I have been questioning whether some of the changes I thought were for the better may actually have been for the worse.


I am honored to be writing about that for Prodigal Magazine today. Here's an excerpt.


When I was in fourth grade, I kicked my friend out of my house.


She dared to ask to play a different game than the one I suggested. So, I yelled at her. I screamed in her face that it was my house, and if she didn’t want to play my game my way, she should just go home. She thought I was joking. I wasn’t. I persisted in my shouting until she finally did walk out the door. (She was a neighbor, so it wasn’t a big deal, besides being incredibly rude.)


As a child, I was called names like “bossy” and “know-it-all.” Those insults were based in truth.


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