Rest in My Love

Five Minute Friday I’m in the middle of 2 different series right now in this blogging space: a Lenten series and a Psalms series. And though I love the way these posts ground me in the words of the Scriptures, I am also longing to find more space to free write more words of my own. And so, today I am linking up with Lisa Jo Baker’s 5 Minute Friday.  

5 minutes of writing free, with no editing, on her prompt. This sounds glorious to me right now, so I’m going to give it a shot.


Today’s prompt is: REST


restless heartsMy heart wanders so easily. It leaves my center and goes out into the world, searching for meaning, for purpose, for worth.


One minute I’m fine. The next minute I wonder if anyone has noticed me, or if I’m still the girl at the dance standing in the corner by herself. I walk away from the wall, looking desperately for someone to notice me.


I hear You whisper to me, but I have so many other noises around that sometimes it’s hard to hear. But I do hear it. If I close the computer and put away my phone, I can hear You whispering to a heart that longs for these words.


Rest in My Love.


I hear the words, and for a moment, my heart lightens, the burden of searching lifted. But before long, the words once again get drowned by the world, and I am wandering again.


I so often feel stuck between places. Where do I fit?


Each time I wander, You whisper to my heart again, and pull it back where it belongs.


Rest in My Love.


Each time I come back, I hope I can remain a little longer. I will try. You keep whispering, God, and I will keep coming back to rest in the love that will never leave me nor forsake me.