Reveal: A Series for Lent

Fill in the blank. “I am ____.” Perhaps you filled it in with an action. Like “I am driving.” (Though, I hope you are not driving and reading this at the same time.) Or maybe it was a characteristic, like “I am a brunette.” Or maybe it was a feeling, like “I am melancholy.” (Is that a word people actually use in conversation?) Or maybe it was a fact about you, like “I am a mom.”

No matter how you answered, what you put in that blank reveals something about you.

Ash Wednesday, February 22, is the official start of the Lenten season, the preparation time for Easter. Lent is a great time to step back from our regular routines, and develop a rhythm that helps us focus our hearts on Christ.

And, so, during this season, Everyday Awe will do a series called Reveal.  Twice a week, we will look at instances when Jesus said “I am ___.” Let’s examine together what those statements reveal about Jesus. I will share my thoughts. Please join me in the comments to share your thoughts. It is my hope that God will reveal to us why Easter is a day worth celebrating.

Post 1: The Question No One Likes to Ask Post 2: Have You Ever Been an Outsider? Post 3: What does it mean to be be gentle and humble, anyway? Post 4: What do we really want? Post 5: Walking through the woods at night Post 6: How far would you go for love? Post 7: The deep longing in our hearts Post 8: How do you respond to death? Post 9: Are confidence and humility opposites? Post 10: A Way of Truth and Life Post 11: How do we bear fruit in our lives? Post 12: A Cup Accepted and a Love Revealed Post 13: The Most Terrible and Good Day in History Post 14: Is Emmanuel a Christmas Word?