say the last ten percent

say the last 10 percentI don't know who coined the phrase, do you?  

"Say the last ten percent."


Move towards the conflict that you want to avoid. Reveal the vulnerability that you want to hide.


Say the last ten percent.


Because it is in that last ten percent that lasting relationships are formed. Not based on surface-level chit-chats, or empty platitudes. Not based on comparison and people-pleasing.


But based on the hard stuff. The real stuff. The stuff that lies underneath.


What would it feel like, what would the world look like, if more people said the last ten percent more often? If we sucked it up and found the courage to be who we are and know that it is enough.


The last ten percent may be the most important part of the one hundred.


It's taken me a long time to embrace it, and many times I still avoid it, and most of the time it makes me want to throw up when I actually do it, but it is a phrase I believe in. Because it is when we are willing to go all the way in our conversations that we find the beauty.


When we are not focused on hiding or covering or avoiding, our eyes shift to the potential of the relationship and the value of the other, and suddenly there is possibility everywhere.


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