She walks in beauty

she walks in beauty"She walks in beauty..."  

The opening line of Lord Byron's poem is on repeat in my thoughts. The words linger and sink low. They weigh me down with a deep sense of longing that cannot be satisfied.


I want to be that woman. The one who would inspire poetry by simply walking in a room. Beauty and grace floating with her like an aura. Unavoidably knitted into the fabric of who she is.


I believe that looks do not define a person. I know that I am loved unconditionally by my Creator. I understand that I am not an accident.


And yet... and yet... it's so easy to burn with jealousy towards those who seem so flawless. Who can stumble out of the house with a messy bun and a five minute make-up routine and still turn every head when they stroll down the aisles of a store.


Is it the brokenness of my own heart or the influences of our culture that cause my eyes to magnify my own flaws and see only the stunning perfection of others?


(I ran out of time, and had to leave this post unresolved. Just keeping it real today, I guess.)


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