What do you pray about?

I've often thought my prayers are too small. Sometimes I feel stuck in the simple requests of day to day life. My brain and heart are unable to think past them to greater possibilities.

That is one of the reasons I love reading prayers of Saints and leaders who have gone before me. They open my eyes to bigger and bolder things. They give me new perspective and inspire me to  pray differently.

Earlier this week, I read the prayer of Sir Francis Drake on the Pangea blog. And all I could think was "wow." I knew this was a prayer I wanted up on my wall.

I created an 8 x 10 image that could be developed or printed from a home computer that I would love to share with you. The background originates from a picture of the sand on the shore of the ocean, which I thought was appropriate for the words.

I hope you find the words as inspirational as I do.