Falling Over into Memories

  "Let's do sit down fall over!"


It happened by accident the first time, as most habits do. My boys sat down in front of the door as I was turning the knob. They leaned back, the door opened, they fell over, and the giggles began.


They looked up at me with smiles and stretched up their legs into the air as far as they could. "What's the password, Mommy?"


I started with please. Then pretty please. Then pretty please with sugar on top. Until finally, they allowed me to pass, and the laughter ensued.


laughter at the doorMost days when we get home, they chant their desire to play this simple game. It's not a Pinterest-worthy tradition. It doesn't involve prep on my part. It's not surrounding a special holiday. It's just a simple, everyday expression of fun and family.


It is a habit that tumbled into a tradition and is falling over into memories.


One day, my boys' legs will be too big to step over. And until then, I will let my boys be the gatekeepers of my house, so that laughter is the door that brings us inside.


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