It's Time to Stop Performing

Be careful what you say, because you may have to listen to your own words.  

That thought is playing through my brain on repeat this morning, as I realize how I need to listen to my own advice. The words I spoke in a message not long ago on living like we are loved.


I spoke on the story of Jesus and the children from Mark 10, the one in which he welcomes children into his arms and blesses them. That story is sandwiched between the story of the Pharisees quizzing Jesus about divorce and the rich young ruler telling Jesus he has obeyed all the commandments.


The placement of the stories highlights to me an important distinction between the kids and adults in these scenes. The adults are living like they are performing- trying to ask the right questions or do the right things- for each other or for God. The kids are living like they are loved- assuming that they can come to Jesus just as they are and He will take them in his arms.


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So, my main question that night was this: Are we are living like we are loved or living like we are performing?


Which means I am forced to ask myself the same question.


In the past several weeks, I have been weighed down by insecurities. I walk around with bags of nerves about my writing, my speaking, my work, my parenting, my appearance, and my friendships. Bundled up with my anxieties are some ugly feelings like jealousy and envy and pride, which are particularly heavy in my arms.


I am tired. I need to put these weights down. In order to do that, I have to figure out where they are coming from. And I’m pretty sure the answer to that lies in my own question.


I am performing.


I walk around trying to look my best for others and wonder what they think of me. I don’t walk around with the security that I am loved. My arms aren’t wrapped around the shoulders of Jesus, so I fill them with baggage from each interaction I have along the way.


How would things be different if I lived like I am loved?


I’m going to have to start answering my own question.


How about you? Do you live like you are loved or like you are performing?


(If you are interested in the audio from that message, you can find it on this page: It’s a message in the “Valuable” series titled “Kids.”)