Tell of His Deeds: A Community Post

 Psalm 75

We praise you, God,     we praise you, for your Name is near;     people tell of your wonderful deeds. - Psalm 75:1 (NIV)


Today I thought we might do something a little different. Some days, it's difficult to feel that God is near. Some seasons, it's difficult to find words to speak about God's deeds, because His actions don't seem all that great.


One of the most beautiful aspects of the Psalms is that they were sung and read in community. People walked through difficult prayers together and uplifted praise together. Arm in arm, they pushed forward and reached up and journeyed through life with God on their lips.


I wish we did a little more of that in our world today.


So I wonder about doing that in response to today's Psalm. I wonder about sharing our stories with one another. The little and big ways we see God's deeds today. The times in which we have felt Him come near.


If you are a reader, but not normally a commenter in this space, would you consider leaving a note today? Would you share a bit of yourself with me and with us? Would you tell us why you could find words of praise on your lips today? And if you are normally a commenter, would you share the same thing?


Whether your comment is small or grandiose, eloquent or simple, it doesn't matter. The point is not to impress one another. The point is to help each other.


Maybe we can loan each other our eyes if only for a few moments, to see how God is good and active and pouring His grace out upon the world.


Let's tell of His deeds. Let's talk of His mighty works. Let's give each other examples of His nearness.


That was my reflection on Psalm 75. Please link up with your reflection below. And don't forget to leave a comment here! Then join us next week for a reflection on Psalm 76.