The Commitment

Wow, when it rains, it pours. Two guest posts in one day. I feel blessed and honored. This one is for Good Women Project. When I heard they were focusing on relationships and dating in February, I couldn’t resist sharing this story from my life.

Here is a snippet:

It was a Tuesday afternoon. I was taking one of those wonderful after-class naps that are the bread and butter of college life. Until the phone woke me up. It was a guy. He asked me to a movie. I said yes.

The only problem with this response was what had happened a week earlier. ONE WEEK earlier. The day I wrote this in my journal…

“My past history shows my tendency to look for security in a male. If I don’t commit that problem to God, whatever relationship I enter into won’t be a healthy one…. For at least 1 year from today, I will not date anybody. That way, I can focus on my love for God and my relationship with Him.”

My reasons for making this commitment were good. I needed time for healing. I needed time to focus. I needed time for my identity to be rooted in God’s love for me.

But now, here I was, having said yes to a movie with this guy.

Because it’s not really a date if it’s a Tuesday, right? And if it was someone I was friends with? And if he didn’t pay? And if we didn’t hold hands?

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