the exuberant imagination of God

Imagine if the creation of this world had been only pragmatic. If God had done only what was needed to sustain life, not what would inspire it.  

Imagine of flowers existed in only a few hues, or just a handful of shapes and sizes. What wonder would be lost as we looked across the landscape of a field in the summertime?


Imagine if the birds did not sing us into spring time, but flitted around in silence, doing their work without inviting us into their dance.


Imagine if land was only flat with no mountains pulling our eyes to the sky, and shadowing our frames in their majesty.


Imagine if the wind did not rustle the leaves of the trees, and blow through the lengths of our hair, reminding us that sometimes beauty is felt more than it is seen.


Our God created this world from His exuberant imagination. He created us from that same place.

 God's exuberant imagination


So often we imagine what it would be like if we didn’t have this trait or that trait. As if it would make us better if we were not ourselves.


Would this world be better if it were less than what it is? Neither would we be better if we were not ourselves.


When we cannot see that, we need to expand our imaginations. We are beautiful.


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