The Scary Work of Taking a Break

Which is more intimidating to you, working hard or taking a break? For me, it is definitely the latter.

Getting things done gives me feedback. I can check something off my list and feel good about what I accomplished.

Taking a break leaves me lurking in the unknown. How will I find satisfaction? What will others think?

This line of thought is exactly why taking breaks is an important practice in my life. I need to remember that God gives us permission to slow down. In fact, He commands us to take time to rest.

(Maybe God knows that folks like me are more likely to do it if we are following a rule? Because then in our state of not doing, we are still getting something done?)

And so, today I announce my blogging break. We are in the midst of moving. In order to give more of myself to my family in these days, I need to give less of myself here.


I am not sure exactly when I will return. Probably a few weeks? I cannot define a date because that would set an expectation, and blogging expectations are some things from which I want to take a break. You know, those spoken and unspoken blogging rules of how often to post, tweet, and comment in order to be a valued voice.

My brain and my heart need space from my blogging world in order to process what is going on in my tangible world. I need to let go of what I have been holding so my hands can be open to what God has for me next.

In the meantime, while I am gone, here are some posts from my archives. Posts from the past that reflect what is happening in my life now. Reminders that I need, that I hope will help you too.

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Perhaps if none of these strike your fancy, you may want to enjoy some Christmas in July? I did a 26 day Advent Series called Prepare last year. You can check it out now, when life tends to run at a more relaxed pace than it does in December.

Signing off... Steph