the thing that never gets completed

It always sits in a constant state of undone.  

The laundry needs of our family taunt me everyday. The piles waiting to be washed. The overflowing baskets waiting to be folded. The stacked piles waiting to be put away.


unfinished laundryAlways waiting. Never really done.


Because everyday, we wear something new. The laundry is a process, not an outcome. As long as we wear clothes, it will never be a task we can complete.


The lack of ability to check it off my list drives me bonkers. I like to finish things. This constant in and out of washing and folding and putting away and washing and sorting and putting away brings tiny levels of satisfaction with the little steps that are overshadowed by the frustration of the entire overwhelming thing.


And this, to me, reflects so much of life. We are in a constant state of undone. In our lives, we will never feel completed. As long as we engage with things that challenge us and inspire us, we will never stop stacking up the pieces of us that need to be washed and sorted and put away only to be washed and sorted and put away again at a new time or in a new place.


We have to let go of outcome and step into the process.


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