we are brave when we engage

We often equate bravery with taking leaps. But I think more often, it is about taking steps.  

It is about those ordinarily extraordinary moments when we choose to engage with life, instead of watch it from the sidelines.


We are brave when we pursue the friendship with a new person who has come into our life. or the difficult conversation with the person we have known for ages.


We are brave when we receive the help when we need when we really need it. or the compliment we tend to sweep away with our hand.


We are brave when we give the piece of ourselves we usually protect or the gift with no strings attached.


We are brave when we stay when what we really want to do is go.

We are brave when we go when what we really want to do is stay.


We are brave when we share, when we love, when we forgive and when we hope.


We are brave when we bloom without guarantee the snow won’t come back. Knowing that we are called to bring beauty into a dark and dreary world. Understanding that the risk is worth it.


bloom in the snow



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