When God gives me an anthem

  Sometimes, getting a song stuck in your head is annoying. Other times, it is a gift.


As I look back on my years walking with God, He has often given me that gift. At key times of dependence on Him, times filled with uncertainty or pain or frustrations, a song has risen to the surface. A song that has just the right lyrics for me.


This song then plays on repeat in my heart. It is a reminder of what is important and why, and what the focus of my attention should really be.


The song becomes my prayer.


Right now, I am in a time of transition. Again. The questions of what this next season will bring overwhelm me at times. I wonder if I can do this new thing. I wonder what others are thinking of me. I wonder how everything will pan out.


I wonder about a lot. I am anxious about a lot.


light glorious lightBut in the midst of this time, while I was on a run, God gave me a new song. It is a song that I knew, but it became new.


The song “Oh How I Need You” by All Sons and Daughters has become my new song. Since that run, I have listened to it every day, and sang it in my heart on repeat. It is my anthem. It is my prayer.


The bridge, especially, turns my soul towards what is true. The words lead my wonderings in the right direction- towards the God who will lead me.


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