When it snows in spring

For some it is a chance to say goodbye to season they love. For others, it is a frustrating reminder that the season they're longing for is still not fully here. 

Though we are often surprised by it, spring snow happens virtually every year. Snow is a part of this season in the north just as much as crocus flowers. 

We are in a transition season. Spring is not so much a walk in one direction as a  dance between cold and warm, making forward progress even as it circles around the floor. 

This is the way of transitions. We often crave linear growth patterns in our lives. To get better at loving others each day. To let go of bad habits one step at a time. 

Sometimes we beat ourselves up, thinking our mistakes and struggles are steps backwards in our growth. When really, it is just the dance between what was and what will be. They are the movements between early spring snowstorms and late winter grill-outs that fill transition seasons. 

Though snow may make us feel like we are back in January, something is different now. Underneath, the ground has gotten imperceptibly warmer. Above, the sun rests in the sky for a longer periods time. This snow will not stay as long as it once did. There is progress. It is all part of the dance. 

Perhaps it is when things are not linear that we appreciate the transition the most. When 60° breaks in earlier than expected, it brings with it a deeper joy than we feel during its follow up appearances. When snow breaks in later than hoped, it reminds us of where we've come from, and the beauty was that was there too. 

This morning I heard the birds singing to one another as I looked out the window to my snow-covered grill. Their juxtaposition felt like grace to me.