Wonder: Christmas isn't Over

How do you feel when Christmas is over? Some are thrilled that they survived awkward and tense family gatherings, while others are grieved by the impending timeline of leaving their loved ones once again. Some are relieved that the stress of preparation of cooking and shopping and decorating has ended in success, while others are disappointed about all the ways their expectations did not materialize in reality.

Whether excited or disappointed, we now have this feeling that the season is done.

But what, then, do we do with the biblical Christmas stories? Do we wait another year before we revisit them?

The beauty of the Advent and Christmas season is that we push ourselves once a year to reflect on the coming of our Savior. The downside is that we do this only once a year. We shove these stories that explode with wonder into the small box of a few weeks, and expect to squeeze all the reflection out of them during that time. 

Can I encourage all of us to keep exploring them? To continue to see the way these stories of waiting and wonder and worship speak to our lives? Can we acknowledge that our souls ache for our Messiah in February just as much as they do in December?

I'd love to end this wonder series with a recap of where we have been this month. Perhaps you can bookmark this post and come back to it in March, when you feel those feelings of longing, and desire those feelings of wonder, but aren't sure where to go with them.

Thank you to everyone who has read and participated in this Advent series. It has impacted me in so many ways to not only reflect on these stories myself, but read the perspective of others that I was lucky enough to host on this site.

Here is a recap. If you missed some of the posts, perhaps you would like to go back and take a look?

Now, I would love to hear from you. Which of these posts impacted you post during this season? Is there another Advent post from another site that touched your heart?

Let's not let Advent end in December. Our longing for a Savior continues all year long.

Wonder: Rediscover the Christmas Story is an Advent series designed to help us pause and reflect on how amazing the stories of Jesus’ birth really are. To break through the cluttered busyness of the season and touch our hearts with the awe of what God has done. Let’s make this a season of wonder and worship, marveling together at our great God.