Wonder: Rediscover the Christmas Story, An Introduction

How do you hope to spend your December? If you are like most of us, December will be a flurry of shopping and decorating and cooking and hosting and driving and wrapping and fighting and eating and questioning how time is passing by so quickly. So many of these things are good, but there is so much, so very much going on, that we get lost in the middle of the hustle. Our desire for peace and reflection is met with a calendar full of activity and nowhere to squeeze it in.

In the midst of this frantic season, I want to use my little corner of the Internet to give a sense of sacred space to anyone who stops by. I hope to give you a reprieve from the stress and a reminder of the Story.

The Story. The Advent Story of redemption and peace and hope and joy. The Christmas Story of prophecies fulfilled and angel visits and a baby born and shepherds who worship with glad and full hearts.

Every day, each and every day, from December 1 through December 26, Everyday Awe will post about these events in a series called  “Wonder: Rediscover the Christmas Story.”

This series will not be chronological, but will weave in and out of the Advent narratives, capturing moments and experiences from different viewpoints. I am thrilled that this series will feature not only my voice, but the voices of several other bloggers I respect and admire. I am honored to host guest posts with differing perspectives and varying cadences that I think will help break through the clutter and touch hearts with the amazement of what God has done.

Please join me in a season of wonder and worship. Let’s marvel together at our great God.

(P.S. I did an Advent Series last year as well, called “Prepare.” That one was more focused on Jesus as the fulfillment of hope and promise. If you are interested in that series as well, feel free to check it out in the archives.)