Worship as a Way of Life

Paul says it explicitly in his letter to the Romans. It's a theme repeated often in the Scriptures.  

Worship is not about our church attendance, or other signs people might think about when they hear the word "religious."


Worship is about lives that are integrated; lives that demonstrate faith and love during the week as much as on Sundays, in the unnoticed tasks as much as the glorious ones.


When we are people who rest, because we know the fate of the universe does not rest in our hands, we worship.


When we are faithful with the nitty gritty tasks of life, because of the way they care for those God has put in our paths, we worship.


When we pursue the dreams God has placed on our hearts, because we audaciously believe He could accomplish them through us, we worship.


When we love those who are difficult to love, because we model ourselves after the way Christ lived on earth, we worship.


When we notice the beauty of nature, because we can see the way it reflects a marvelous Creator, we worship.


When we live like God is big, God is good, God is trustworthy, and God is loving, we worship.


Worship is not singing. Worship is a way of life.

worship is a way of life


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