You Are Not "Just" Anything

I don't think most people even notice it when this word rolls of their tongues.

"I'm just a ____."

We use the word just like a shield, revealing a sense of uncertainty about what will follow. How are we being judged? Are we up to the standards of success? We want to deflect potential critique by letting people know that we already know that what we're about to say isn't all that impressive.

Except it is impressive... If we have the eyes to see it.

We are human beings, created in the image of an incredible God. Whatever we do as a job, whatever we do as a hobby, whatever we do as a volunteer, we bring unbelievable potential with us.

We can listen. We can care. We can encourage. We can forgive. We can serve. We can teach. We can make something new. We can bring life.

God has given humans the capacity to bring light and love and goodness into God's world.

Which means you are just amazing.

I hope you can receive that word today.

You are not just a _____. You are just amazing.