You Came

I have a new respect for songwriters and other artists.  

This past Sunday, I wrote a spoken word style poem that was performed during our Sunday church service. I was terrified. Seriously. It is nerve-wracking to put something like that out there for people to see. I'm surprised I didn't throw up.

So I thought, why not make it even more public by putting it on this blog? {Gulp} And take it up a notch by making it a vlog? {Double Gulp}

I've heard a lot lately about facing fears, so here we go...


This poem was inspired by the intersection of my faith story and the story of the man born blind in John 9. I hope it helps you think about what Jesus can do when He comes into your life.

(Note: I don't know what I'm doing when it comes to video. Sorry about having it oriented wrong. Hope all else works well. If the embedded video doesn't work, you can also watch it here.)

You Came

The question swirled

What brought me here?



Propelled by fear?


And then,

You came near


Who were you?

I didn’t know at first

But You reached down

Pulled me out

From the center of my worst


You came






You came

Put Your hands on my face

Delivered your grace


You came

Stretched into the muck

Broke me free

Released the future

And what I could be


You came


In the midst of life’s mess


You came

Light for my darkness

Companion in my loneliness


You came,

And changed my name

from “less”

To “righteousness.”


Your words poured out,

And streamed over my doubt.

Not to make it disappear

Or instantly make the cloudy clear

But to change

My heart

To rearrange

My life.


You came

Full of love with no condition

The way you saw

Restored my vision


You came

Into my crazy, You breathed peace

The grip of my anxieties released


You came

The search of my heart personified

The animation of hope that had petrified


Since You came

I know

I am

not dead.

Since You came

I know

I am




I am indebted to Maggie for her wonderful performance of this on Sunday at The Table, as well as her editing help. It's an honor to be part of such a wonderful community.