Individual Coaching


For Individual Coaching Sessions, there's a few options for you to choose from, listed below.  Coaching sessions can be on in person or over Skype at a time that is convenient for you. Sessions are up to 2 hours.

Option 1: Determine Your Enneagram Type

I assist you determining your enneagram type through a thorough online assessment combined with interactive questions and exercises I chose based on what I see in those results. As we walk through your type, I will help you gain an in-depth understanding of your strengths, blind spots, stress responses, motivations, and vulnerabilities. I can coach you through how this affects the area(s) of most interest to you, including your work, behavior, spiritual growth, and relationships. 

Option 2: Determine Your Enneagram Subtype

If you already know your type, working through your instinctual subtype adds one more layer. Together we will discover whether you more driven by your self-preservation, intimate, or social instinct, and how that affects your motivation, decision-making, and desires.

Option 3: An Enneagram Q&A

This is a chance to dig into things especially unique to you. Where do you feel stuck? What is bothering you? How does the unique way you hold all the numbers affect the way you in particular hold your type? 

Option 4: A Coaching Mini-Session

Do you want the boost of knowledge or questions coaching can provide but you don’t have a lot of time. Book a 1 hour video coaching mini-session!

Cost upon inquiry. A discount is given for booking 3 or more sessions up front.