When I was in middle school, I was feeling sad, vulnerable, and angsty, like pretty much all twelve year olds I suppose. One coping mechanism I found was opening my Bible to the book of Psalms, and reading one every night before I went to bed. This happened even though I grew up in a church that didn't say much about opening the Bible in our own times. Something in my soul knew that was a place to go to find the words I didn't know how to speak to God myself.

In January 2012, I decided to take my love of the Psalms to this blog, and write about them. I decided to go in order in order to let go of a bit of the control that can come with how we approach the Bible. I couldn't just pick the ones I liked or that I knew, I had to wrestle my way through all of them, wondering why God would choose some of the words to be in this Sacred Text, and marveling at how He chose others. 

This journey has had many twists and turns, including opening it up to be a link up for anyone else who wants to journey with me. Any and all writers are welcome. It's not about reaching some sort of standard or having the “correct” perspective on the biblical text. In fact, sometimes my reflections have been more questions than answers. This journey is about working through the value, frustration, beauty, and power of God’s Word, and trusting that His Spirit meets us there.


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