"Scripture Circles are a safe place to come as you are, unlock meaning beyond the surface level, and join others in entering the larger story of God."

- Steph

What to Expect in a Scripture Circle

Gatherings begin by going around the circle and sharing things with which we have been wrestling or pondering. Based on what is shared, I put forward choices of Scripture passages that might fit those questions, and the group votes. Once we dig in, I guide us through language roots and threads that run from one text to another. Then, I ask questions. Questions that invite us to wrestle with human experience and our interaction with the Divine. Questions we see if we look at the text and have the courage to ask them of each other and of ourselves. Questions like, "What is it like to be so afraid of the unknown in front of you that slavery feels like a better option?" (Which is the question we see as the Israelites enter the wilderness experience in Exodus 16.)

“Under Stephanie’s wise excavation of the ancient Hebrew, I am continuously surprised at the myriad of ways God weaves my experience of Him into those of my fellow students. It is the richest form of study.”

- Jeff

Want to join a Scripture Circle?

There are Scripture Circles happening every week, some during the day and some at night, some for two hours and some for three or more. Most circles meet once a month.

Use the contact form on this page for more information about joining an ongoing Scripture Circle or gathering your own group. Many happen through the non-profit, 40 Orchards. Check out that site for more details on the Roots Program, Cohort Program, monthly thematic gatherings and more.

“What makes these gatherings different is that they are not about us trying to get everything right. It’s a space of mutual trust: in the text and in each other.”

— David