Enneagram can be challenging to introduce into a corporate team but Stephanie’s facilitation made it a fantastic experience. Her in depth knowledge of the subject, unique preparation for your particular team, and ability to engage with all executive types created a wonderful dynamic for our team. Most importantly, we were all challenged, grew in how we relate to one another, and will continue to explore the Enneagram.

Tony Capucille, President of US Payments and Payroll


“Wise and Kind.”

Steph is the best "question asker" I've ever met.  She sees into the core of who people are.  She assumes and believes the best about everyone.  All these things combined give Steph the unique ability to handle the deepest parts of who we are as people with both kindness and wisdom.

Steph helped me get to a more confident and comfortable place in life through her Enneagram Coaching.  She knew exactly the right questions to ask and was helpful as I wrestled through learning more about both the Enneagram, myself, and others.  She helped me see the best in everyone.

— Matt R.

“Fun and Helpful!”

It was so fun to do the enneagram coaching session with Steph. She gave me a basic understanding of the enneagram and asked me lots of questions to help me understand myself better.

Steph was always kind and non-judgmental and she was able to affirm what the positive side of what those things could be.  Then she gave very practical advice for ways to work on the things I struggle with.

I left with concrete steps to take to become the healthiest version of myself and Steph followed up with even more resources for digging further.  It was a fun and helpful two hours!

— Beth


“Meeting with Stephanie was both a breath of fresh air and a lightbulb moment for me. Her approach to the Enneagram is so grace-filled and nuanced, our sessions together made me feel more free, not more boxed-in. And her wisdom to help me discover my true type (which was different than what I had long-assumed) helped me re-discover all over the wonders of the Enneagram and how useful it can be in daily life. I’m grateful for my time with her, and look forward to more.”

— Tsh Oxenreider - Author, Podcaster, and Founder of theartofsimple.net


“It is worth it."

I had been reading Rohr's Enneagram book and was fascinated by it.  I took a few online quizzes and tried to nail down my number but I was having a hard time distinguishing between what I am and what I wanted to be.  

I reached out to Steph and sat down with her for a couple hours, and she led me through such an insightful time of discerning my number, how it plays out in the way I do life; my friendships, at work and in my marriage.  What a gift it has been to continue to dig into the gifts and shadow sides, and become more self aware of how I respond to things.

Steph has a gift for communicating, and a passion to help others get to know themselves, and God better.  Whether you're a married couple, engaged, want to do this with a team at work, or just get to know yourself better, do it.  It's worth the time and money and it's so fun!

— Brooke


I met with Stephanie at a time in my life when it seemed like everything was shifting.  In the midst of all the change, I felt a deep need to return to the roots of my life, which includes understanding myself more clearly.  I've taken nearly every personality test out there, but the Enneagram has been most enlightening for me.  While it provides strengths and weaknesses to be aware of, it also gives me a starting place of understanding more and more of how Jesus uniquely created me.  As I learn more and more about my type and the Enneagram in general, I cannot express how important I think this activity is.  If you've ever wanted to understand yourself better or understand those around you, I urge you to spend time with Stephanie.  She's thorough, thoughtful, and simply wonderful to work with.

— Katherine


“We were blessed to have Stephanie as our Bible teacher during our annual Leadership Retreat. While we poured ourselves into strategic planning, Stephanie kept refreshing us in God’s Word. She knows her Bible, the nuances of the original languages, and how to bring the Scripture forward like treasure.”

–John Ward, Senior Pastor at Prairie Community Church, Eden Prairie, MN