I have been fascinated by people my entire life. From a young age, I looked at the individuality of those I cared about, and tried to find or make them the perfect gift. I am a question-asker with an insatiable curiosity about the lives, hearts, and experiences of those around me.

As I grew, I took that love of people and love of God into a degree in social work, a seminary degree, and a career as a pastor. My heart and experiences have continued to expand through teaching and leading at 40 Orchards, coaching with the enneagram, and processing life through art.

I hope my experiences, passions, and gifts can help you, through what you discover here. Please explore this website to investigate how I could help you, your community, your business, or your church through teaching, facilitating, and listening.* Grab a cup of coffee, look around, and contact me. I look forward to connecting with you.

Still curious? Here's more about my family, my background, and my interests.

I am married to Kirk, who is an accomplished triathlete, including the Ironman. I am mom to Cameron and Alex, two boys who keep my life full of funny quotes, grateful moments, and ordinary adventures.

I went to through the Enneagram Spectrum Training and Certification Program with Dr, Jerome Wagner, and since then, have loved helping people discover how using the enneagram tool can help them find personal wholeness, relational harmony, and team collaboration.

If you know enneagram, you may be interested to know that I'm a type 4, which is why I love to think of each person, situation, and interaction as unique. Understanding my type has opened my eyes to the good and bad of how I interact with the world. Thank goodness for grace and the ability to keep learning. In Strengths Finder, I have communication, ideation, individualization, strategic, and achiever. (Which clearly demonstrates my enneagram wing is style 3.)

I adore traveling, hiking, hosting people for dinner, and losing track of time talking about life with friends. All these things are best done with coffee, wine, and chocolate.

Now that you know more about me, would you return the favor and tell me about you? Please send contact me and let me know you stopped by.